Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (FACH)


IEDM Area of Expertise
Education - Africa

University of Nottingham, Ph.D. Researcher
University of Lagos, Post-Graduate Degree in Education Administration
University of Lagos, Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication

Theresa Okafor holds a Post-Graduate Degree in Education Administration and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She is a PhD Researcher at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Theresa Okafor is a Director at the Quality Assurance and Research Development Agency, Nigeria (QAARDAN). She is also a board member of the International Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (INQAAHE, 2009-2011) headquartered in the Netherlands. She is a member of the governing council of Wavecrest College of Hospitality Management, Lagos Nigeria, a member of the African Quality Assurance Network (AfriQAN) and the coordinator of the West African Quality Assurance Network (WAQAN)

Theresa is a featured speaker at the INQAAHE biennial workshops in Bangalore, Toronto, Dublin, New Zealand and Abu Dhabi. She has facilitated workshops for quality assurance agencies and higher education institutions based in the West African sub-region to acquaint them with global processes and issues on quality assurance. She was a Panelist at the United Nations Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) New York 2010 and 2011.

Theresa mentors students registered at the University of Nottingham, UK for a Post Graduate programme in Education: PGCE (I). She is coordinator of the Teacher Effectiveness and Performance Appraisal (TEPA) programme for Nigerian headteachers, an annual professional development conference which takes place three times in the year at three different destinations : United Kingdom, United States and South Africa.

She is also a director of the Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (FACH) and the CEO of Life League. Theresa is a recipient of three awards. The Rhodes Youth Forum Award (Greece 2010) for active participation; the Flynet Award (Nigeria, 2009) for educational promotion and a merit award from the National Association of Catholic University Students (Nigeria, 2008) for her work with youths.