Integral Economic Development™ is an economic theory and methodology that is based on the acknowledgement that economic agents are fundamentally social and relational beings who make decisions and maximizes as such, while embedded in complex institutional realities.

Our master's programs provide hands-on experience, and foster an integrated and dynamic framework of economic analysis, that can more accurately measure outcomes, produce a better understanding of complex systems, motivate more effective development interventions, foster a more appropriate engagement of emerging new technologies, and achieve more effective and sustainable outcomes. 

The M.A. Programs in Integral Economic Development are officially STEM degrees in the US Government records, designated with the STEM CIP code of "Econometrics and Quantitative Economics." This more accurately reflects the quantitative and analytic focus of our academic programs, and allows our international students with valid F1 visas to request an additional two-year extension for OPT.

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Faculty Profiles

The professors in the Department of Economics bring a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to the classroom and to their advising relationships with students.

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Applied research projects

IED Ongoing Research Initiatives

IED Faculty research concentrate on initiatives around real human needs for which rigorous policy-relevant research is urgently needed. 

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Applied research projects

IED Applied Research Projects

IEDM and IEDP graduate students utilize impact evaluation as a tool to understand and promote sustainable development.

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IED Videos

IEDM and IEDP graduate students discuss their ARP project and experience.

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IED News