Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions from parents of prospective students. For any other questions please do not hesitate to contact the Department of Economics at 202-319-4289.

  • Can you tell me more about the history of the Department of Economics?

    Created in 1890, the Department of Economics has been an integral part of The Catholic University of America's efforts to advance social sciences and education.

  • Tell me more about the Department of Economics faculty experience.

    Our faculty brings to the classroom both theoretical and technical expertise as well as real-world experience outside of academia. For more details, see Faculty Profiles.

  • What is the job placement like for the Department of Economics graduates?

    Students graduating with any of the three undergraduate economic majors have 100% placement rate employment upon graduation. This is also the case for those graduating from our masters’ programs.

  • What is the internship process like for the Department of Economics students?

    On a regular basis, current students receive notices about internship offerings, particularly in the D.C. metro area. Students can apply for many opportunities online, and, when applicable, can intern for credit during the semester or during the summer. Students interning on Capitol Hill or in downtown D.C. have easy access to the city by way of the Metro, located right off of the University's campus.

  • What type of advising resources are available to the Department of Economics students?

    Students have access to the University Career Services, which provides resume help, career guidance, and interview practice for students in search of jobs or internships, ensuring they are selecting opportunities that will contribute to their major. Students also are assigned a faculty mentor within the Department, who can recommend specific courses students should take based on their interests. In addition, the Department has in place a Major Mentor Program, through which upper-classmates are match with freshman students to help them in their academic transition to campus life.