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Politics & Economic Development Policy - Citizen Security

University of Buenos Aires, Law and Journalism, 1989
London School of Economics, Great Britain, Fellowship by the British Council for research on 'Globalization and State Reform", 1994

He was President of the National Institute of Public Administration (1989-1992), Secretary for the Civil Service and Minister of Interior during the first government of Carlos Menem. After resigning denouncing acts of corruption and opposition to constitutional reform in 1996 he founded the Party 's new leadership, leaving the Peronist Party.

In 1996 he was candidate in elections to Prime Minister. In 1997 he was elected Member of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In 2001, he leads the coalition Front for New Country taking second place in elections and being elected U.S. Senator for the City of Buenos Aires.

After Kirchner's victory Dr. Beliz is appointed Minister of Justice, Security and Human Rights, launched a campaign on the transparency of federal justice, promoting the impeachment of members of the Supreme Court of the Nation suspected of corruption, and establishing the method of restraint for the appointment of judges by the Executive Branch through the system of appeals and public hearings to provide greater transparency and citizen participation. In 2004 he resigns after complaining to members of the SIDE of illegal activities.

At the academic level Dr. Beliz was Professor at the School of Information Sciences of the Universidad Austral (1995-2001), Associate Professor in the Master of Communication Management of Organizations, Southern University (2001) and Research Associate at the Institute of Altos Estudios Empresariales (IAE) of the Universidad Austral. (2000-2001). He is currently a consultant to the Inter-American Development Bank.

In 1987 he was named one of 20 outstanding young people with a scholarship to study in Japan, in the framework of cultural agreements signed by President Alfonsin and Prime Minister Nakasone. He was elected as one "10 Outstanding Young Persons of the Republic of Argentina", by the Junior Chamber of Buenos Aires (1992). In 1999 he was honored as one of the "50 Latin American Leaders of the Third Millennium", by Time magazine and CNN.