IED Students Visit the Inter-American Development Bank

Being located in D.C. is just one of the many benefits of the Integral Economic Development Program at the Catholic University of America. Top international development agencies are headquartered here, and IED students are a natural fit. In late October 2014, students spent an afternoon at the Inter-American Development Bank, which promotes sustainable development throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by providing financial resources to support projects in key sectors.

Students met with representatives of various departments to learn about the IDB, discuss current projects and evaluations and recent innovative strategies, and to learn about internship and employment opportunities. The Division Chief of the Office of Strategy Planning and Development Effectiveness, Arturo Jose Galindo, reviewed current projects supported by IDB throughout the region. Students discussed impact evaluations and provided insight through their own experiences working in the area. By connecting students with organizations such as the IDB, the program effectively promotes its own leaders in development.