March 09, 2022

M.A Programs in Integral Economic Development are now officially STEM!

Exciting Department Updates!

As of March 2022, our two M.A. Programs in Integral Economic Development: M.A. in Integral Economic Development Management (IEDM) and M.A. in Integral Economic Development Policy (IEDP), are now officially STEM degrees in the US Government records. CUA now designates IEDM and IEDP with the STEM CIP code of "Econometrics and Quantitative Economics."

This more accurately reflects the quantitative and analytic focus of our academic programs, and allows our international students with valid F1 visas to request an additional two-year extension for OPT, i.e. international students in our masters programs can have a working permit after graduation (OPT) of 3 years instead of 1.