IEDM Students

The World Bank Group graciously hosted IEDM students and staff on Wednesday, April 10th for a guided, instructional tour. An overview of the World Bank’s mission- initially a massive post-War II reconstruction effort of Europe, now an institution primarily focused on poverty reduction- was discussed. Additionally, the students were informed about employment opportunities at the World Bank, including through the Young Professionals Program (YPP).

Tony Blair and Jim Kim

Afterwards, the group attended a roundtable discussion led by World Bank President Jim Kim and Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. The speakers’ main theme concerned the ability of governments to implement programs that will be sustainable and effective. Jim Kim argued that while experts now understand what is needed to implement sustainable development, the science of delivering it is still a work in progress. Tony Blair discussed how bureaucracy in government can stifle direly needed change, but also expressed optimism that governments are beginning to learn from this and tailor their methods.

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