Wim De Groof in Nicaragua

The Better Work Nicaragua program is one of the 7 country programs of the partnership between the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Cooperation (IF). The Better Work program aims to improve both compliance with labor standards and competitiveness in global supply chains particularly in the garment industry. The apparel industry is one of Nicaragua’s most important manufacturing sectors in terms of employment generation and national income, and is seen as crucial for the future growth of the Nicaraguan economy. Better Work provides assessment, advisory and training services to companies involved in the program.

To ensure effective operation and intended outcomes, Better Work uses rigorous tools for monitoring and evaluation in all program countries. In order to do so Better Work developed a methodology for net impact analysis. While the overall assessment is seen as a valuable tool for impact measurement, Better Work wanted to understand how their training service influences the overall outcome of the program.

The applied research project of Wim De Groof, one of the IEDM students, responds to this need and intents to measure the impact of training based on the acquired Integral Economic Development techniques.

Prior to the completion of the research, Wim traveled to Nicaragua to test the new designed method. Better Work Nicaragua new training program provided the ideal context for the ultimate test of the research design. This and other “real life” field experiences in the IEDM program strengthens the validity of research and confirm the necessity for reality based research.

Presentation of this and other applied research projects is planned for June 29 at Catholic University.