The IEDM program held its graduation reception for the 2013 graduates on Thursday, July 11th at the Vincent P. Walter Jr. Board Room in Curley Hall at The Catholic University of America (CUA). A graduation recognition ceremony was held, followed by a reception in which delectable food, drinks, and desserts were served, musicians provided entertainment, and the 60 or so guests enjoyed each other’s company. Board members, faculty, students, families and friends were in attendance.

After an invocation from Dr. John Convey, Professor of Education and former Provost of the School of Education at CUA, a series of speeches were made. Dr. Brian Engelland, Associate Dean of the School of Business and Economics at CUA, led off with congratulatory remarks, followed by Charlotte Ponticelli, IEDM board member, who recounted personal anecdotes and stories of each graduating student. Professor Beatriz Lopez Bonetti and Dr. Martha Cruz-Zuniga thanked and presented gifts to the students. To close the series of remarks, departing IEDM student Ismael Koita represented his class by thanking the faculty, board members, fellow students, and IEDM community.

The event was an enjoyable success, sending the graduating IEDM class on their way to help improve the world through efforts in economic development.

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