Students who would like to study abroad within Department of Economics must be of either junior standing, or a second semester sophomore, and must carry at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

If these criteria are met, students should follow the steps outlined below in order to complete the application process for a semester abroad.

Study Abroad Steps for Economics Students

  1. Visit the CUAbroad website to review the Eligibility requirements for studying abroad.
  2. Determine which program you would like to apply for by visiting the CUAbroad program list.
  3. Visit the CUAbroad website to find an Information Session that works with your schedule. Attend the Information Session.
  4. Start the online application. The course selection form can be found in the online application.
  5. Schedule an initial consultation with the SBE Advising Office (contact information here).
  6. Attend your initial consultation with the Advising Office (McMahon 314). At this consultation the Advising Coordinator will provide counsel on how to select courses that will fit your tracking sheet and advance your progress toward your degree.
  7. Choose your courses from the program list available from the CUAbroad website.
  8. Submit your completed course selection form to the University Transfer Coordinator.
    • Please note the deadline for this submission, which is generally 2 weeks prior to the final deadline for all forms to be submitted to CUAbroad.
  9. Once the appropriate faculty member has evaluated your course selections for transfer credit back to CUA, the University Transfer Coordinator will notify you that the form is available for pick-up.
  10. Pick up your form and make a second appointment with the Advising Office for your final course consultation. At this meeting the Advising Coordinator will sign-off on the course selection form.
  11. Finally, assemble all materials required by the CUAbroad office (deposits, forms, etc.) and submit them to the CUAbroad office by the final deadline date.