On April 11th, the Department of Economics was greatly represented by a large number of students presenting their research papers. With guidance and encouragement from faculty, students gain research skills beginning in their freshman year. A good number of our students were selected to present at the university annual event. 

The list below shows the various topics presented by our students.

ORAL PRESENTATIONS:researchday2019_oral.jpg

Sarah Sheridan - The Articles of Confederation and the Free Rider Problem

Kensi Poukouta - Has Capitalism Solved Problems of Racism in the Labor Market

Sean O'Grady - Economic Effects of U.S. Military Veterans on Labor Markets (1945-Present)

Scott Sander, Michael McCabe, Parker Christian, and William McGowan - Singapore’s Economic Growth from 1965-2015

Dr. Kevin Forbes - Are the Beliefs of the Climate Change Deniers, Skeptics, and Trivializers Supported by the Data? Evidence on Wind Speeds from the South Pacific




Madeline Baker and Gerritt Coughlin - Evaluating the Impact of the Industrialization of the Philippines on Its Ability to Recover from Typhoons

Madeleine Breithaupt - How Much of You Does Google Own?   

John Galatro - Electricity: The Fuel of the Future          

Katie Kolberg - The Gender Pay Gap: How It Does Not Benefit Anyone



Pierre-Alexandre Le Ber - Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends    

Carly Philbin - Internet Providers Decide Which Show You Binge: A World without Net Neutrality   

Monica Wallace, Elizabeth Noe, and Christopher Carey - An Economic and Humanitarian Analysis of the Greek Financial Crisis from 1960-2018 

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