Mary Ngugi

With over fifteen years of work experience in project management, grants management, program operations, financial management and program monitoring and evaluation, Mary Ngugi has myriad experiences from which she offers her advice and perspectives. Ms. Ngugi has worked in Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia. She has also been involved in various developmental sectors including democracy and governance, HIV/AIDS, disability, conservation of resources, agriculture and institutional strengthening. At the spring semester’s final Leaders in Development seminar, Ms. Ngugi emphasized that the method for ensuring a good start-up for projects is to look for local partners, engage donors, and understand accountability. Also important is understanding the local landscape and encouraging people to participate in their own development. Finally, she offered this advice: When you’re out in the field, remember to understand this: “Who owns the problem, and who owns the solution?”

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