What should students and universities be doing to keep up with the changing demands of the global development sector? Photo by: Ford School / CC BY-ND

A recent article from Devex has highlighted the importance of students’ quantitative skills and technologic abilities in the development field. The article underlines the opinion of directors of different graduate development programs, such as the Chair of the Integral Economic Development program at Catholic University of America, Dr. Martha Cruz-Zuniga.

“[F]ollowing the economic crisis there has been a decline in funding and there is more competition now for projects. There is a need to see specific ...results that come with data analysis and a need to be more rigorous.”

To read the article entitled "New tech and more numbers: Is your global development grad program keeping pace? " by Amy Lieberman, go to: https://www.devex.com/news/new-tech-and-more-numbers-is-your-global-development-grad-program-keeping-pace-86612

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