Integral Economic Development (IED) Master’s Programs Celebrate New Graduates

On Tuesday, June 16th, the Integral Economic Development (IED) Master’s Programs hosted an event at CUA to celebrate its new graduates from the Integral Economic Development Management (IEDM) and the Integral Economic Development Policy (IEDP) programs. The Dean of the School of Business and Economics, Dr. Brian Engelland, spoke to new graduates at the event.

Dean Engelland told graduates to remember that “The education you’ve received in your graduate program has shown you how to apply an objective reality to the question of integral economic development. This is a prudent approach that is vastly superior to feelings-based analysis.” In order to cultivate prudence, Dean Engelland recommended two steps: “First, keep your eye on your goal, which is not the earthly goal of acceptance or comfort or prosperity. Rather, it is that heavenly gold and silver awarded for a job well done. Second, you have received a wonderful education, so don’t hesitate to pass it on to others. There IS such a thing as objective truth. When your friends and colleagues use feelings as the basis for decision-making, ask them to step back and apply a little prudence. Eventually, like ripples in the water caused by a stone tossed into a lake, your actions will have a profound impact on all of society.”

The following students were congratulated on the occasion: Omar Fallatah, Huda Alahmdi, Brenda Yoboue, Lylian Peraza, Christina Wist, Louie Feagans, Rachel Sladich, Liga Chongwa, and Bander Alalwi from the IEDM program. From the IEDP program, Nasim Mahmoud and Kevin Kamto were also honored.

In the picture Dean Engelland appears at the center among some faculty and new graduates.

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