Christopher Broughton, currently the U.S. Millennium Challenge Corporation Country Team Lead for the development of a $250 million energy program for Benin, spoke to Integral Economic Development Program students about the multifaceted nature of development. Mr. Broughton described development as progress not just in the economic sense, but also including religious and national development, among others. Describing development as more than just the exchange of money, he explained that development involves people creating better lives for themselves, while also creating better lives for their children. Mr. Broughton described his diverse work experience in the field, including as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nicaragua, Presidential Management Fellow at USAID, Country Coordinator for Afghanistan and Pakistan in the U.S. Department of State's Office of Foreign Assistance, and Director for Stability Operations on the White House National Security Council staff. He advised students to not lose sight of the big picture, but also not to become hyper-focused.

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