Dr. Martha Cruz Zuniga, Economics Chair, has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Leadership in the CUA Community by the Women of CUA.  Dr. Maria Sophia Aguirre, Ordinary Professor of Economics, also received this award. Their work in the Economics Department and in the University make this award well-deserved, and provides an example for all women in the community to follow.  We are incredibly proud of their achievements and continued commitment to their students and colleagues.

Women of CUA promotes women empowerment on campus.  At the annual Honorary Gala, Women of CUA honors the female professors at CUA that are making a difference in their fields as well as inspiring their students.  The honorees were nominated by students and faculty in recognition of their achievements at Catholic University.


"Dr. Cruz was an amazing professor who was truly invested in her students.  She was a great help for me when I was deciding my major.  Along with this, Dr. Cruz does awe-inspiring work for developing countries to make peoples' lives better."  - Michael McCabe

"Dr. Cruz had very high expectations of my Freshman ECON 103 class last semester.  This made her class a bit stressful at times, but it was definitely a good kind of stress.  She is an example of everything that a brilliant professional woman should be.  Thanks to her, I successfully completed a 36 page research paper with my two other group members and we will be presenting our research at Research Day.  I would not have had the courage or ability to do any of this if she had not been there pushing us all to reach excellence in our work for her class.  This has carried over to my classes this semester, as well."



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