November 22, 2019


This past week, four alumni sat on a panel and shared their experiences and insights about working in technology companies. They covered everything from applying the hard and soft skills that they learned in their time as an undergradute to the need for work-life balance. Because they all work in different levels of their respective companies, from manager to sales representatives, each alumn was able to offer the students unique advice.

Billy Barnes, class of 2018, spoke about the benefits of working for a start-up versus a large established company. Kevin Ross, also 2018, emphasized the need for time-management and peristant and optimistic hard work even when a job seems challenging or mundane. Matthew Shaffer, 2009, spoke about doing your work for the sake of the good you see in it and working not for yourself, but for your coworkers, company, and family. Patrick Stillman, 2016, spoke about the invaluable attitude of cheerful dedicated work, keeping the big picture in mind. Thank you to all our panelists!