samuel-matthews-internship-news.jpgSamuel Matthews is an undergraduate member of the class of 2020, majoring in International Economics and Finance. This summer he interned with Saffron Ventures in Arlington, Virginia. While Saffron Ventures is primarily a provider of study-abroad programs, Samuel worked on the company’s Social Impact Team, helping develop, source, and present non-profit initiatives to investors.

A large part of the work depended heavily on the collection and analysis of data. Matthews credits his classes and especially his past work as a research assistant for the skills he was able to bring to his team: "what prepared me the most for it was my work as a research assistant for Dr. Maria Sophia Aguirre." Since freshman year, Matthews has worked with faculty in the Department of Economics, helping evaluate economic intervention in developing regions of the world. His experience collecting, managing, and analyzing data proved to be immensely helpful, and his internship deepened his understanding of the great impact economics can have in developing real solutions. The Economics Department loves to see its students implement and strengthen the skills they have learned in and out of the classroom!