IEDM and IEDP Merit-based Scholarships

For details about FAFSA loans, please visit their website.

In addition to CUA's scholarships and financial aid plans, the Department of Business and Economics at CUA offers partial scholarship to select students in the IEDM and IEDP Program. For optimal scholarship consideration, submit application prior to the deadline.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers are eligible for Partial Scholarships as Coverdell Fellows.

For Payment Plan information go to or call 888-713-7234.

The information below is provided for convenience only; all figures may be found on the Web site of the Office of Enrollment Services at

Looking for Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships for International Development

Fellowship opportunities

IEDP Students:

  1. Donald M. Payne International Development Graduate Fellowship
  2. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship
Tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year

Full-time, $22,200 per semester plus approximately $6,120 for summer 2018
Part-time, $1,770 per credit hour
Summer 2018, approximately $1,020 per credit hour

Estimated Total Tuition Costs

Total cost of the IEDM program tuition (36 credits, if enrolled full-time): $50,520.
Full-time, IEDM program is completed in two semesters and a summer semester.

Total cost of the IEDP program tuition (55 credits, if enrolled full-time): $88,800.
Full-time, IEDP program is completed in four semesters in 2 years