IEDM seminar

What framework is needed to ensure economic growth and an effective distribution of wealth that generates equality of opportunities for the individual and societies?

This is the question that matters most to us at the IEDM and IEDP programs and that we believe is the motive that drives you to pursue your career in development.

Through one-year of interaction with colleagues, faculty and leadership in economic development we prepare you to overcome the challenges faced in achieving sustainable development in the public and private context at the local, national and international level. It takes a great level of commitment, wisdom and passion to become an agent of change, an IEDM or IEDP student.

What Makes Our Programs Unique

Integral Approach to Economic Development

This program is deeply rooted in the need to accomplish sustainable development through an integral approach. This approach seeks to strengthen the civil and social institutions involved, maintaining an integral view of the person in society and, consequently, a focus on the economic agent's decision process acknowledging him/her in a holistic manner and in his/her social dimension.

Proposes Measures of Program Impact and Effectiveness

Reasonable questions have been increasingly raised about the effectiveness and accountability of international organizations, government and private sector leading economic development efforts. This program proposes new metrics that contribute to the improvement of traditional measures of development and objective program evaluations.

Highly Technical Degree

It aims at teaching technical skills applied to development implementations at the micro level within a macro framework. These skills include accounting, econometrics, management, finance, qualitative and quantitative market research, and project development, in the context of the interplay between the areas of politics, global health, food and nutrition, energy and environment, education in developing countries, and community development.

Public or Private Sector Concentrations

It addresses today's challenges of private and public organizations in achieving integral economic development. It teaches the management skills necessary for building and growing strong institutions in a context of social and economic development.

  • IEDM Program Expert "The IEDM program is very exciting and timely—given the dynamic changes that are occurring in economic development, management, and program evaluations."

       —Maria Rendon, Senior Governance Advisor, USAID

  • IEDP Program Expert "The IEDP program will give an opportunity to those who would like to enter in the development field to integrate this original holistic perspective throughout the full course of their economic development studies."

       —Maciej Golubiewski, Desk Officer, Tanzania, East African and the Indian Ocean regions, European External Action Service (EEAS)