IED graduate students utilize impact evaluation as a tool to understand and promote sustainable development. As a requirement of the program, all students must choose a geographical area of study and topic of research, and subsequently design a thorough evaluation of a particular program or policy’s impact.

Study outcomes give insight into key factors that allow organizations to create more effective programming and provide the ability to demonstrate results to funders and policy makers. Students gain practical experience employing theory and tools learned in the classroom through real-world implementation.

Each evaluation uses an integral approach which examines not only what someone learns by participating in a program, but how the information learned changes his or her behavior. Our evaluations measure levels of social and civic responsibility and consider the interrelated nature of individuals, families, and communities. This perspective provides a more complete view of impact, beyond the direct recipient to include all beneficiaries. In this way, we understand holistically the role each of us plays in creating a better world. 

Research Projects by Region

Applied research projects by region


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Latin America & Caribbean
Student Country Sector
Tien-Hao Lee Guatemala Agriculture
Mark Quaranta Guatemala Cooperatives
Andrea Vazquez Escobar Guatemala Cooperatives
Vanesa Añez Dominican Republic Education
Holly Triska Guatemala Education
Eleni Papakosta Guatemala Education
Ismael Koita Guatemala Education Technology
Lylian Peraza Bolivia Education Technology
Christina Wist Bolivia Education Technology
Vanesa Añez Dominican Republic Education
Estefania Cohn Guatemala Entrepreneurship
Marc Rugani Guatemala Entrepreneurship
Carlo Sandrin Guatemala Entrepreneurship
Patricia Patino Guatemala Health
Mark Quaranta Guatemala Cooperatives
Andrew Robles-Sol Guatemala Health
David Corrales Honduras Housing
Joseph Corbett Honduras Housing
Wim de Groof Haiti, Nicaragua Labor
Jonathan Harris Guatemala Cooperatives
Kesley Felizor Haiti Microcredit
Deborah Zelay Guatemala Health
Europe and Central Asia
Student Country Sector
Rachel Sladich Azerbaijan Microcredit
George Nadareishvili Georgia Inflation Targeting
Middle East and North Africa
Student Country Sector
Hanadi Alabaad Saudi Arabia Institutional Strenthening
Bayan Bakawasa Saudi Arabia Institutional Strenthening
Huda Alahmdi Saudi Arabia Civic Education
Omar Fallatah Saudi Arabia Civic Education
Virginia Ann Credle Yemen Conflict Resolution
Nora Hussain Saudi Arabia Education
Bander Alalwi Saudi Arabia Housing
Ruua Alabdulrahman Saudi Arabia Institutional Strenthening
Alex Lutz Darfur Institutional Strenthening
Clare Ofodile Darfur Institutional Strenthening
Wim de Groof Jordan Labor
Haifa Alagel Jordan Education
Ana Hernandez Jordan Education
South Asia and Southeast Asia
Student Country Sector
Ibrahim Baig Pakistan Entrepreneurship
Wim de Groof Vietnam, Cambodia Labor
Teejay Akindwande India Institutional Strengthening
Clare Ofodile India Institutional Strengthening
Eva Costa Bangladesh Education
Student Country Sector
Jay Jay Atairu Nigeria Education
Nasim Mahmoud Nigeria Education
Kevin Sonke Nigeria Education
Anne Mukunya Uganda Education
Hubert Ngueha Kenya Education
Liga Chongwa Nigeria Health
Christine Namulanda   Health
Blaise Soh - Tamete Cameroon Microcredit
Madina Kone Ivory Coast Microcredit
Brenda Yoboue Ivory Coast Microenterprise
North America
Student Country Sector
Hsiang-Ting Wu United States Education
Louie Feagans United States Entrepreneurship