A One-Year Master's Degree in International Development

"A Groundbreaking Approach to Measurement and Analysis"

The Integral Economic Development Management (IEDM) master's program is the first to create and implement the integrated perspective that development entities demand. It develops innovative measures to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of development programs, while teaching applied management and economics skills.

Choose between a one-year, full-time master’s program or flexible part-time option.

Learn applied management and econometrics with a pioneering approach to integral development.

The program provides students with:

  1. An understanding of the role that cultures and institutions play in the development process—in light of an integrated perspective on economic development that is based on sound economic techniques. This program equips students to measure the impact of institutions within the economic development process.
  2. The management skills necessary to design, implement, manage, and evaluate development programs—that will achieve integral economic development and build strong institutions capable of supporting successful development initiatives.
  3. An integrated perspective on economic development—one that takes into account the dignity of the human person, the good of the family, and the good of the community as foundational principles of economic development.
  • IEDM Curriculum

    Curriculum for a One-Year Master’s Degree in International Development (IEDM).

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    Course descriptions of a One-Year Master’s Degree in International Development (IEDM).

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    Frequently asked questions for the one-year Master’s Degree in International Development (IEDM).

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    Tuition and scholarships information for Economics graduate programs IEDP and IEDM.

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